When you relocate, the changes in your life can be massive. And with any life changes, it makes sense to get support in adjusting and moving forward, so you can see the opportunites ahead, and feel that you have the strategies you need to manage your new life easily and effortlessly.

Through working with a professional coach, you and your family can achieve the outcomes you are looking for faster. Those who take advantage of coaching report greater levels of confidence, self-esteem, a renewed zest for life, and a far more focused approach to their personal and professional life.

As a certified coach and NLP Practitioner, I will assist you in discovering what is important to you, what changes you must make, and how to create an identity and life that far exceeds your relocation expectations. Using a combination of coaching, mentoring and NLP techniques I will help you to create the life you desire – anywhere you desire it!

About Jen

I moved from Glasgow, Scotland to Melbourne, Australia, as an accompanying partner in 2008. With a three year old in tow, and the surprise of finding out I was eight weeks pregnant ten hours before I got on the plane, it was a hectic first year – at times exhilarating, often scary, always exhausting. The highs included new friends, sunny days and of course the new baby. The lows were homesickness, lack of confidence, and of course the new baby! Each year has got easier and easier, and now my life is exactly as I always dreamed it. Australia is home, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else…but you never know!